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Raptor Energy, is a provider of oil and gas production field services in West Texas. Based in Midland, the Company has established a strong and growing business, including providing water-hauling, construction, roustabout and other services in the region. Fresh water must continually be transported to well sites, and the salt water from the resulting process must be hauled away from sites for proper disposal. Other oilfield services now offered by Raptor Energy include construction service, roustabout and “kill” and hot oiler truck service and equipment rental. These services help facilitate the most important aspect of the industry – keeping the oil flowing. When oil stops, so do the profits.

As such, construction and roustabout services are vital to every oil and gas production site. Construction crews perform various projects around the well site necessary to prepare for drilling and the long-term servicing of the well. Roustabout workers set up well heads and oil lines, maintain water service, ensure functioning roadways, and perform general oil and gas construction services. Raptor Energy also will rent equipment needed to keep production up and running on a day-to-day basis. This will include horizontal/directional well drilling tools, thru-tubing tools, wireline fishing tools, plug and abandonment casing cutting tools, and more. These tools help to ensure timely completion of new idle oil wells that have been drilled, as well as improving, repairing and/or performing maintenance of existing wells.

Raptor Energy was founded by professionals with experience in the oil business, as well as a long history of sales and marketing, including founding multiple businesses, growing them to multimillion-dollar companies, and selling them. They have the skills, knowledge, and contacts to begin producing revenue immediately after expansion, purchasing new trucks and equipment. The Company already has MSAs (Master Service Agreements) in place with various companies, and is receiving letters of interest from oil and gas companies on a daily basis. With the size of the industry in the Permian Basin of West Texas, and the inability of current companies to keep up with demand, Raptor Energy can be busy steadily for the next several years and beyond.

Nationwide, the oil and gas services field is an $89 billion market with around 8,000 companies. The Company’s customers include oil and gas companies located throughout West Texas, especially in the Permian Basin region, an area 250 miles wide and 300 miles long in Texas and New Mexico that has generated over 15 billion barrels of oil. In August 2012, the average Texas rotary rig count was 901, up from 885 in August 2011. Total wells drilled in the 12 months prior to August were nearly 13,000. Just the immediate areas of Texas surrounding the Company account for nearly half of all Texas active wells. All told, the oil and gas industry accounts for $115 billion in economic activity in the state.

Raptor Energy

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